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It's convenient right up to the point where I need to get back into an account but forgot if I used it or not - which is exactly the point of the parent.

I too have struggled to remember which third party sign-on I used (or if I used a native sign in), so now I avoid them every time, too.

They're literally only convenient if I want to have an account that I'm happy to 'throw away' or, to accidentally create duplicate accounts for the service.

For anything where I'm actually paying, they're a nightmare. Oh, did I sign into this with one of my google accounts? Was I crazy enough to use facebook? Or which of my emails did I use?

I don't have any metrics to back this up, but I would assume most websites that use these third-party login systems, still pull down your email address and create an account for you based on that. So it stands to reason, you if you used the same email for all Facebook, Google, Apple, you could sign in with any of them and maintain one account.

I suppose that's a huge assumption, but that's how I would do it if I was developing against them. That said, it doesn't help w/ the "Hide my Email" or the default icloud.com email addresses people don't realize they're using.

Spotify is a PITA for this. And there is no easy way to migrate to a "non facebook" account your playlists and stuff.

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