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With a password manager though, I avoid having tradeoffs in the first place. I get some amount of anonymity by separating my accounts, and it's trivial to login to sites with the same amount of clicks as with third party sso.

Password manager doesn't stop you from having to fill in a bunch of stuff. Like yeah, it's only a couple minutes, but if it's for an app you'll use a handful of times in your life, just hitting that G will be much nicer.

Most of them have a hotkey for fill out + submit form.

Registering a new site on PC browser with password manager is fine but on mobile with password manager is bother. It won't register new ID/password automatically.

Chrome on Android is persistently annoying about wanting to save new IDs, and will also try to save logins for apps. That gets turned off fairly quickly, as I use Bitwarden, which _also_ prompts to add new accounts when I sign up or log in.

It's not foolproof, but given I'm generating the password in Bitwarden anyway, it's not the end of the world if it doesn't catch it.

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