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China is a special case because they are among the very few number of countries in the world where the government openly controls the media and the private companies.

A U.S. company like Twitter even bans the U.S. president's posts on their platform, and so does Facebook. Something like that is impossible in China as whoever does that will instantly get shut down. Think about the implication of this. This means you have to assume that any Chinese tech company will have to comply when the government tells them to spread some propaganda through their media.

This is what has been called in a science fiction as "information warfare", and it can be even more catastrophic than a real war, but I don't think most people realize this because they've never seen one before. What's even scarier is that even as this is happening, nobody knows this is happening, which is worse than a war because, unlike a physical war where everything is visible, one country can "attack" another country without anyone else realizing, causing a huge damage to their economy.

Forget the economy. The damage to social infrastructure and trust is far more serious.

Groups violently turning on eachother, families splitting over political divides, lynchings... these matter a lot more than whether people have nice cars.

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