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Wow, I just road ride for leisure on my own, don't know any racers/university types, and my tires are 5 years old 19mm on an old carbon frame. I'm way out of current trends.

My ass hurts just reading that. I bike toured about 7000 miles on 622x28ish tires, and I can't even imagine riding 19mm tires on anything other than completely immaculate pavement (or maybe a velodrome? What do they run?).

Think of it as a free muscle toning workout for your ass. I miss the days of 8 miles a day bike commute on thin road tyres on bumpy roads and paths.

You prompted me to look at new tires. $50-60 per tire! I am really getting old...

I think the velodrome gang have stuck to 23mm as road bikes move to 28?

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