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That's something that bugged me about the article because it sounds like they do fallback to an "invite link" pattern when they don't know an email address, but it sounds like they've spent most of their UX optimization work on flowing people most directly from invite links into "Create Account" that they don't trust users not to create new accounts on receiving an invite link. (Maybe just stop assuming that people receiving invite links don't already have accounts and instead better your UX flows for existing users?)

(ETA: They make an okay follow up point that someone accepting an invite link sent to a different email sends a signal that they could just go ahead and link that email address directly to the account, and don't see why you wouldn't just give them that email in the first place. But in addition to being a squicky privacy faux pas to automatically link any email to an account without direct user consent, there are plenty of reasons to send emails to an address only indirectly linked to a person and/or that a user would not feel comfortable directly linking to an account. It's a somewhat flimsy argument below the surface, I think.)

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