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> Imagine @ing a GNOME dev in a different instance to comment on a bug report in KDE

How do you see this being different from providing that dev with a hyperlink to the bug report? In either case, the developer is made aware of the issue, no?

> or seeing an newsfeed update that your favorite framework is making a breaking change in the next release

I don't actually know if changelists have RSS feeds, but supposing they did, couldn't you subscribe your reader to those feeds to achieve this result?

> or opening a PR/MR in another project without having to create _yet another_ account.

Yeah, you got me here. Though I'm leaning towards "build a physical key that automates account creation everywhere" so you still have a zillion accounts under the hood, but that's mostly transparent to the user. Sort of like Facebook/Google SSO, but instead of storing data in one data-hungry corp's DB, you're generating essentially random data in one place (your physical key) and distributing it across zillions of little DBs, thus reducing the incentive for hackers to try to obtain any of them.

It's different from a hyperlink in that you don't need to potentially log into a different project's infrastructure to share the information.

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