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I enjoyed using Phabricator but the barrier to entry is too high for a community project like KDE which needs every new developer it can get. Just a few small hurdles are enough to put people off.

I actually just wanted to replace an icon size dropdown (pretty dumb idea if you ask me) with a slider and a preview of the size of the icon. The reason why I gave up is that I couldn't find the original repository. For some reason the KDE team decided to only link at https://invent.kde.org/ and never actually specify the actual repository. Heck, even the github mirror doesn't show the link to the real repository. When I search on invent I just find lots of unrelated forks. This wouldn't be a problem if they were actually linking to the damn projects.

Can you point me at any data which supports this? It seems like it should be true, but GHC didn't appear to see a year-over-year increase to contributors when they switched from Phabricator to GitLab in December 2018.

See: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23686803

I added another comment to https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23686803 about case studies we hope to do about this. So while we don't have any to point you to today, we hope to have some in the near future.

Another thing that we hear from people considering a move to GitLab is that they really like how fast GitLab moves (one release per month!), and how it works with the community to keep improving the product. I recently joined as the Sr. Open Source Program Manager as part of the Community Relations team, and we're thinking a lot about how to continue to improve the experience for our community.

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