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Show HN: Gridsome + Shopify = Gridsomify, an easy headless ecommerce solution
1 point by herve76 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Today I am launching my new startup at https://gridsomify.com

We provide headless Shopify store setup and deployment services using the JAMstack framework Gridsome.

This means you get the best of Shopify's back office admin, but you no longer use themes hosted within your Shopify store.

We offer 50% discount for all HN readers, simply use the discount code HN.

I'm seeing this kind of stack a lot these days. Never seen someone use Gridsome though...what made you choose that over Nuxt? Was it the full static build support and built-in GraphQL layer for interfacing directly with Shopify's Storefront API?

Yes the GraphQL Data Layer is super useful to connect to external APIs. Nuxt.js is more used for more complex apps than simple and light headless ecommerce stores.

Gridsome + Shopify = https://gridsomify.com

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