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> AND for some reason couldn’t use my cloud provider’s built in solution (AWS RDS, Cloud SQL, etc.)


> Pay someone else to handle that part

Aside from the money (managed Postgres is expensive), I'd actually like to understand what good, high-availability Postgres solutions look like.

Totally valid if you’re reaching the larger instance sizes. However I’d caution you to not underestimate what running a good HA Postgres setup costs in engineering/operations time (particularly if you’re not familiar with running one). Be ready to get a clearheaded TCO that you won’t be happy with.

In general, you need some sort of separate strictly serializable store run in an HA configuration to manage the state changes, and whatever is managing the state changes needs to be run in multiple instances across your fault domains as well. Others have mentioned Patroni; I’ve used it before (though with etcd, not k8s) and been quite happy with it. Be aware that (as it cautions you in the README) it’s not a total point and shoot tool, you do need to read through it’s caveats and understand the underlying Postgres replication features.

The documentation is pretty good, if you want to get an idea of what the logic looks like they have a nice state diagram: https://github.com/zalando/patroni/blob/master/docs/ha_loop_...

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