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I mean it can be better for privacy if you think about Google/Facebook loging. But it will prevent adding all third party login services, potentially even ones that are more privacy respecting than Apple.

Also there are cases where a "sign in with <particular provider>" is the only option that makes sense because you really want to integrate with the API of this provider. Take for example a "sign in with GitHub". Or in case of services correlated, take for example Instagram where you obviously can sign up with a Facebook account.

I'm more for letting the developer choose what it prefers for authenticating the user and not having a authentication system that gets imposed by Apple.

I think Apple does allow apps to limit social sign in options where it makes sense. So for example, an email app could have sign in with Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! but not Apple.

Icloud mail is a thing

Yes I know, I used email apps as an example because I've seen Apple say that email apps would be exempt from Sign in with Apple previously.

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