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This escenario seems an clear candidate for A/B testing since I would be conflicted by wanting to provide privacy but understanding it might impact user signups.

Seeing some actual numbers would help me in making that decision.

A/B testing auth methods is tricky. It's fine for "can we get better sign up rates" but it wreaks havoc on "can my previous users still sign in". At best you can AU/NA test - show different pre-auth treatments in different, very distant geographies that nevertheless have roughly similar user characteristics.

I don't disagree with you and it was proposed. However we didn't have A/B infrastructure in place then and on a project that may never make money it just wasn't a high enough priority to justify the spend.

Fair enough, sometimes you have to make a decision with what you have. A/B testing adds complexity and specially when doing contract/agency work you don’t have either the time nor the budget to pull it off. Been there myself.

Personally I would have considered to hack something on my own time just out of curiosity :D

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