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GCP volumes are over network already. You can deploy stateful workloads using StatefulSets. We've run an HBase workloads for development purposes (about 20-30x cheaper than BigTable) and it worked great (no issues for over 12 months). While Postgres is hardly a distributed database, there may be some advantages to ensure availability and perhaps even more in replicated setup.

Why are you comparing HBase with Postgres? They are very different technologies with completely different architectural constraints?

They both require persistence semantics. I forgot to mention, I was referring to a single node, no-HDFS setup for HBase, solely relying on Kubernetes StatefulSets for data availability, in the simplified persistene sense, not much different than a single Posgres server.

Under those conditions I'd agree theres likely a high overlap of similarity. I have a use case on my home playpen that would likely be served well by that. Thanks for describing your approach.

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