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I'm from a western country and I know for a fact that homicide rate in US is 6 times worse than China

(6/100,000 in US VS <1/100,000 in China)

Maybe US has some problems on its own...

Plus, the average Chinese minority does not fear being shot by the police.

Google Uighurs. Being a minority in China means being subject to genocide.

While being a minority in US on the other hand...

Ask the Native Americans about it.

Even if the quality of these data sources were comparable it still wouldn't be relevant to this conversation. Career criminals killing eachother in major cities has nothing to do with foreign surveillance and human rights.

It has a lot to do with what kind of criminal lobby is in charge

As European I prefer Chinese communists to American warlords that can't stop selling guns to everyone

If you think about it, the "greatest democracy of the World" has homicide rates worse than Nigeria and Congo and is engaged in more wars than any other country.

Can an US citizen really criticize other countries for being fascist?

p.s. the data is good

If europe sides with China, they will eventually be cutoff like what is happening with China. It will take a couple of decades and I don't see it turning around to go back at this point.

The question for Europeans will be which market they prefer to do business in. Are you so sure you prefer your current choices? Does your country have memories from Stalin and Lenin? That's the type of communism you are getting with CCP with a huge helping of corporate espionage, manipulation, and double standards.

Everyone has problems, your comment is off topic and does not enhance the conversation.

US is currently the laughing stock of the world, look at the COVID-19 rate, it is going up after months of mismanagement by trump.

not many countries have problems like that, you can pretty much count on such countries on one hand - US, india and brazil.


verdverm 12 days ago [flagged]

Like rubber to glue, bounces off of me and back to you?


25th percentile means 3/4 of the worlds nations have a lower life expectancy. If the concepts of many and few have switched, I might consider thinking about things you have posted the last few days.

Given your strong sentiments against several groups of people in blanket statements, I suspect you will find yourself consistently down voted and flagged when you speak like this.

Your tone has also been consistently combative, likely another reason you are being down voted

> 25th percentile means 3/4 of the worlds nations have a lower life expectancy


what did you miss from despite having the highest spending per capita?

US has the lowest life expectancy in the entire west.

And it's going down, not up.

It's 46th in that ranking, my country, Italy, is 6th.

USA is even below Lebanon and Estonia.

Lebanon has been at war for the past 40 years and has been bombed several times.

Do you think US citizen know that int their country life expectancy is worse than a country which is literally in ruins?

> I suspect you will find yourself consistently down voted and flagged when you speak like this.\

Do you really believe I care about the downvotes ?

You should care about living in a country where some living standards are lower than many third world countries,

- Infant mortality (deaths/1,000 live births)

USA is 46th, worse than Latvia, Lithuania, Cuba, Belarus, Estonia, Antigua and Barbuda

- Under-five mortality rate per 1000 live births.

USA is 44th, again after countries they consider thirld World, including ex USSR (Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia) and Cuba

BTW, when you talk about other countries fascism, true or not, you should remember that in my country there are US military bases, not Chinese.

The Itavia Flight 870 was shot down in 1980 by NATO fighter jets fighting Libyan jets in civil air space, killing 81 people

It wasn't the Chinese

In the 80s CIA was involved with far right terrorism that killed many innocent people, they were scared that Italy was going "too leftist"

The father of a friend of mine was killed on the 2nd of August of 1980, he was waiting at the train station in Bologna.

We were both kids.

Wikileaks revealed the "Kissinger Cables", documents that Henry Kissinger sent to express the intolerance of the US administration for the Italian justice system that was "being too hard" on the neofascists groups.

If you look at the English Wikipedia page for "strategy of tension" and then at this https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategia_della_tensione_in_It... you will see there's a great difference in the story told and the amount of documentation presented. In particular any document that calls out the US, including all the evidence found in over 40 years of investigation by the Italian authorities, is not mentioned.

Can you guess why?

The Strage del Cermis (Cavalese cable disaster for you non Italian speakers) was caused by an US air pilot, 20 (TWENTY) people died.


It wasn't the Chinese

And there are many other...

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Can you guess now why I don't care about your downvotes?


Since you've reverted to reguarly breaking the site guidelines, I've banned this account. I've also banned your other account because it's not cool to abuse HN as you've been doing. If you don't want to be banned, you're welcome to email hn@ycombinator.com and give us reason to believe that you'll follow the rules in the future.

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