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Not the author of the slides, but know him well. A number of things to chime in on. First thanks for the kinda words on the Crunchy operator.

Second, on the earlier question higher in the thread about why would you choose to run a database in K8s. In my experience and what I've observed it's not so much you choose explicitly to run a database in K8s. Instead you've decided on K8s as your orchestration layer for a lot of workloads and it's become your standardized mechanism for deploying and managing apps. In some sense it's more that it's the standard deployment mechanism than anything else.

If you're running and managing a single Postgres database and don't have any K8s anywhere setup, I can't say I'd recommend going all in on K8s just for that. That said if you are using it then going with one of the existing operators is going to save you a lot.

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