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ooh! I've been running the Zalando operator in production on Azure for ~ a year now, nothing crazy but a couple thousand qps and a tb of data spread across a several clusters. It's been a little rough since it was designed for AWS, but pretty fun. At this point, I'm 50/50, our team is small and i'm not sure that the extra complexity added by k8s solved any problems that azures managed postgres product doesn't also solve. We weren't sure we were going to stay on azure at the time we made the decision as well -- if I was running in a hybrid cloud environment I would 100% choose postgres on k8s.

The operator let us ramp up real quickly with postgres as a POC and gave us mature clustering and point-in-time restoration, and the value is 100% there for dev/test/uat instances, but depending on our team growth it might be worth it to switch to managed for some subset of those clusters once "Logical Decoding" goes GA on the azure side. Their hyperscale option looks pretty fun as well, hopefully some day i'll have that much data to play with.

I can also say that the Zalando crew has been crazy responsive on their github, it's an extremely well managed open source project!

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