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Gitlab is replacing Phabricator, not Git. It's a higher level tool.

Aha. I was already thinking: what does Gitlab add next to Phabricator? And the KDE Bugzilla instance. Will that be moved over as well? KDE has many parallel systems like that unfortunately.

Gitlab is replacing Phabricator but not Bugzilla. Gitlab issues are going to be used for developer task tracking but Bugzilla will continue to be used for end-user bug tracking.

Why not Bugzilla though? Gitlab bug tracking looks much better to me. The switch worked pretty well for Mesa which was also using Bugzilla before. Bugzilla feels clunky in comparison.

* KDE has gone through CVS, SVN, Git, Redmine, ReviewBoard, Phabricator and now GitLab for various source control needs over the years, all while still using Bugzilla for bug tracking. There is a lot more intertia to overcome.

* GitLab (and GitHub etc.) are organized around code repos but the hierarchy you use to organize your code isn't necessarily the best hierarchy to organize your bugs. There are a few different "plasma" repositories but end users aren't going to know which one the bug about their panel spazzing out on leap seconds goes in. So you consolidate everything into one Plasma project. But then your code and bugs aren't living together anymore, and using GitLab for the bugs buys you very little over just having good integration with Bugzilla.

* It's a lot easier to move bugs around between projects and they keep the same identifying number.

If bugs aren't aligned with code in Bugzilla, why is that a problem in Gitlab? There can be some instructions where to file bugs.

At least for some software, I noticed bugs were also reported in Phabricator, not only Bugzilla.

Prob since KDE has an automated crash reporter system.

Why can't it be integrated with Gitlab? And if some old one is hardcoded to use Bugzilla, there can be automatic import to Gitlab as well. I.e. Bugzilla can run for those automatic reports, but not for anything else.

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