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I have use GitHub to host some of my professional work that is publicly available, and I do use it primarily as a productivity tool with the benefit that I can link other people to it if they need to.

However, I find the "sense of community" features on GitHub to be really important, because I also do a lot of unrelated open-source work as a hobby. In those areas, I'm able to follow people who are coding things similar to mine. I'm able to see when they create a new project, and seeing their stars often leads me to new tools that I find useful. I'm hopeful that the people that follow me or my repositories feel similarly. A sense of community helps to make me enjoy the work I'm doing a little more.

It's kind of like running into someone who's looking through the same section of the hardware store as you. I'm not going to the store to talk with them, but if I end up having a nice interaction with someone who's working on something similar to me or having the same problem I am, it usually brightens my day a little bit.

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