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Buries the lede. They’ve chosen to drop support for Facebook login rather than also support Apple login. So working as intended!

I'm going to be fascinated to see what this does for conversions. My company built the Neil Young Archives, when doing so we initially launched with Social log ins and at one point Neil decided Facebook and Google were evil and wanted to remove the access. According to our logs a full 2/3s of all users were registering with a social account and we were having great success getting folks to log into a free service (We had 250k sign ups over the first weekend, we thought Auth0 might turn us off as we started on a tier capped around 40k)

We assumed this success would quickly taper off if it wasn't "one click" to sign up with your Google/Faceboook account an talked Neil off the ledge.

This escenario seems an clear candidate for A/B testing since I would be conflicted by wanting to provide privacy but understanding it might impact user signups.

Seeing some actual numbers would help me in making that decision.

A/B testing auth methods is tricky. It's fine for "can we get better sign up rates" but it wreaks havoc on "can my previous users still sign in". At best you can AU/NA test - show different pre-auth treatments in different, very distant geographies that nevertheless have roughly similar user characteristics.

I don't disagree with you and it was proposed. However we didn't have A/B infrastructure in place then and on a project that may never make money it just wasn't a high enough priority to justify the spend.

Fair enough, sometimes you have to make a decision with what you have. A/B testing adds complexity and specially when doing contract/agency work you don’t have either the time nor the budget to pull it off. Been there myself.

Personally I would have considered to hack something on my own time just out of curiosity :D

I just gotta say I both love and hate the Neil Young archives. I hate them because the website is genuinely awful, and a chore to navigate around. However, I love that I have access to a load of stuff I haven't heard before.

At any rate, thanks for the hard work you put into it and I've used this site a lot.

Yeah we didn't design it. Just did the best we could to make it all work. The design is actually a bit of a legacy as the original version was actually an interactive blu-ray set[1]

I kind of ended up with a love hate thing as well, it breaks pretty much every responsive, UX, accessibility rule out there, but at the same time it was Neil's vision. It's at least somewhat intentional that you have to dig at it a bit.

All that being said my first meeting with Neil I told him "This won't work on mobile" and his exact words were "Fuck Mobile ..."

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Neil-Young-Archives-One-Blu-ray/dp/B0...

But you didn’t try anything to confirm/infirm this hypothesis?

Bingo ! This is Apple’s really hard bargain here. Implement us or get rid of all the other garbage sign-in.

I love it. With password managers becoming better and by owning your domain, it almost feels like a self-sovereign identity system. It would be great if services would implement better support for browser form auto-fill, and ask the minimum amount of information during signup. That way it would be very little hassle to signup for a service.

And Apple has integration points with third party password managers.

Only ~1-2 apps of the several dozen I use support them. For folk that aren't super tech savvy, still a struggle

And get rid of all the other non-garbage sign-ins too, correct?

It is very unclear to me why removing user options is a good thing. I use sign in with Google/Facebook.

aren't they going to be asking for the real email though?

email remains the best and free-est login identifier. Most people who are not complete internet plebs have a second email for things they dont trust.

> Most people who are not complete internet plebs have a second email for things they dont trust.

The vast majority of people don’t have a second email for things they don’t trust. You’re living in a nerd-bubble, but the rest of the world is on the internet too.

Either the changes are only for the mobile app or they forgot to remove Facebook Sign In in the web [1][2].

[1] https://www.anylist.com/auth/sign-in

[2] https://i.imgur.com/3uC0E9G.png

From the OP: "You can expect to see an AnyList app update soon that removes Facebook Login."

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