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So how do they deal with (what seems to me) basic functionality that the Gitlab community edition is missing? Like for example linking issues as related?

We told our friends at GitLab from the start that we would be running the Community Edition, as our policies and principles require.

During the eval phase mentioned in the announcements we worked out a list of blockers we saw in adopting the GitLab CE, some of which had existing solutions in the GitLab Enterprise Edition. We submitted this feedback to GitLab, both via a master account ticket we kept with them as well as by being active in individual tickets. We also aligned our requirements with other open source communities around us (e.g. our friends at Gnome and VideoLAN) to take opportunities to communicate them with one voice.

As a result some functionality of GitLab EE has been migrated to GitLab CE (or GitLab Core, which both build on, to be correct). A very important one for us just recently in 13.1 - Merge Request Reviews.

We're really happy that GitLab takes feedback from the open source software community seriously and engages in productive dialog about it wrt/ the CE (a good relationship with upstream has always been #1 for KDE's tooling choices). Conversely, KDE has a long and proud history of lifting up the communities relying on the tools it adopts (we've contributed in significant ways to SVN, valgrind, CMake, gitolite, Redmine and many other tools we've been using over the years) and we're happy other users will benefit from the more powerful CE. --Eike, KDE e.V.

Thanks KDE for the great collaboration. Your pragmatism and patience are greatly appreciate. Glad we could make this partnership work well.

Likewise, thanks to you and the team! :-) Looking forward to the future in the GitLab community.

That's awesome. Thank you!

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