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The same can be said of companies like FB and GOOG. They operate black boxes with little scrutiny from society.

FB and GOOG don't have troops stationed on India's border.

Neither does TikTok proper, and those two are in close & opaque cooperation with the US government.

TikTok would be put out of business if it was critical of the head of communist party. Google/FB permit anti-Trump content and propagate articles against the administration without blowback.

TikTok is bound to the CCP in a way that has no comparison in the west.

You're mistaking shallow Red/Blue political theatre for genuine (geo)political power struggles. If GOOG were to really challenge the supremacy of the US government, there would be swift consequences.

But all of these topics are easily available on google. What is it you think they censor to protect the US government?

Doing what, exactly?

Imo they are even worse than TikTok since they are actively being used by decision making bodies in nation states. The amount of classified information those companies are privy to is mind-boggling. Political parties, NGOs, companies, private citizens - they all store their information on servers belonging to American companies.

If you consider that they also run on operating systems made by American-owned companies who don't really care that much about privacy, it's even scarier.

China isn't the boogeyman here. The United States is.

They at least have been accountable to gov officials when called upon.

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