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> Sometimes this means it’s product/platform can be used to disseminate possibly dangerous information, but it also can be regulated in response.

I don't think this is true specifically in the case of America. Who are you going to get to actually grapple that beast of a multi national? Yeah, lots of people talk about it, but politics ultimately requires a degree of consensus.

When you have investors calling up their representatives saying they will donate to their opponent next election or they will move jobs out of the area, politicians are going to start falling off. Oh, these politicians are all probably invested in these companies to some degree, or maybe they rent apartments to their workers. There's also the gridlock issue that likely can't be resolved unless we start adding states, so legislation will be hard there.

Companies like alphabet and Facebook are the culmination of the last 40 years of politics in America.

Never intended for this to mean it was easy or anything. As you noted already it isn’t always. However this also admits it can be done as I mentioned too.

You can’t pass legislation that makes another government open itself up to transparency though. That’s the fundamental difference

> However this also admits it can be done as I mentioned too.

That wasn't the intention

It has been done tho

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