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Famous VC Ben Horowitz writes about Toussaint Louverture often [0], I think it's generally interesting, although I strongly disagree with his stance that he "won" against Napoleon in a battle, as he simply won against French troops, NOT led by Napoleon himself.

[0]: https://medium.com/@4thlettertech/ben-horowitz-my-unlikely-h...

"Hard thing about hard things" was a much better book for me. This sequel is mostly the same as what you get out of the articles for the book promo.

Ha! I wrote a review of it [0], in case you're curious.

[0]: http://brunozzi.com/2014/03/20/the-ugly-thing-about-the-hard...

Didn’t the French lose most of their Troops to disease? I’m also pretty sure that’s what Louvertute planned on.

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