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The seller provides all the Gerber files, BOM, etc. https://github.com/gcormier/megadesk

But it's pretty clear many are buying the pre-assembled kit. Hand soldering SMD components is pretty tedious.

Yes, please feel free to build it yourself ;) Initially I offered kits as well - buy the PCB and all the parts to build it yourself.

I think I've sold about 6 kits total in more than a year since the last time it frontpage'd HN. It just wasn't worth keeping track of them and then effectively being a middle man for digikey. A lot of people want plug and play.

I bought one of the kits and assembled it myself (although it looks like kits aren't currently for sale.) The only hiccup I had during assembly is the random board profile I found in the Arduino IDE had the chip layout reversed which took me a few minutes to figure out based on the source.

Yeah there was an issue a while ago with the ATTiny library and they switched the pin definitions. Was indeed a frustrating time to figure that out initially when the library switched it and all of a sudden everything stopped working!

The pin spacing on J2 looks like it would need a pretty steady hand to me. Though it appears only 3 of the pins matter.

I have access to a SMD oven (just a toaster oven with a fancy controller.) Manually applied solder paste, placed the parts and they flowed just fine. Same process with a hot air gun should work but will be a little more finicky.

I'll have to try that out. I suspect I'd still have trouble like accidentally shaking the components off center while putting them in the oven.

Low temp solder paste, a laser cut stencil, and a hotplate makes it pretty easy.

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