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The Antic Cyber Graphics Software (2002) (doudoroff.com)
33 points by pavlov 80 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Scans of ANTIC! and Analog Magazines are available on the Internet Archive. Here's the Solid States article from Analog's Feb 1984 issue: https://archive.org/details/analog-computing-magazine-16/pag...

There's also a wonderful modern-day podcast with the same name that focuses on Atari 8-bits, but really features some of the most interesting industry interviews I've ever heard. From leaders in industry at the time to the guy who sourced cardboard for boxes in the Atari cartridge plant. They're also huge supporters of the Internet Archive and a lot of old Atari stuff up there is courtesy of them.


Wow nice to read.

I started with 3D Studio in DOS because I once saw a FLI file of a rotating clown's head. I was blown away by the lighting and decided to track down the software it was made in an start using it.

It would be great to see that animation again. Does anyone have a source?

There are a few videos of early/beta version of 3D Studio (dos version)

I’m sure a Autodesk Animator was also a precursor to Autodesk 3D Studio, but doesn’t seem to be mentioned here

It is mentioned.

Ah, my bad!

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