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Enjoying the article. Looks like there's a math typo at the tail of the "Precision Bound" section:

    $$ \log\left(\frac{x e}{n}\right) \leq \frac{1}{n}\log(\eta) $$
is not equivalent to

    $$ \frac{xe}{n} \leq \eta^{-n} $$
The latter should be

    $$ \frac{xe}{n} \leq \eta^{1/n} $$
and the "$x^{-n}$" in the following paragraph should be changed accordingly.

Certainly understandable flub, though. Working with logarithms, it's easy to mix up minus sign vs. 1/n conversions.

Nice catch, thank you. I'll edit that and credit your comments in the errata :)

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