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My single favorite scene from any Herzog related film:


Herzog inquires and videos insane penguins in Antarctica as they march on towards their doom.

Another good one. Herzog waxing poetic on the jungle:


I love his work but sometimes I wonder how much he’s actually trying to be funny with these sorts of comments. Maybe just overly serious as a younger man?

“The birds don’t sing they screech in pain.”

This could be a documentary about my research career.

Everytime I read the words "but why?", I hear them in his voice over here.

There's something so absurd about tiny flapping, waddling penguins as an animal, and yet they seem relatable too as they go about their day everyday, including the insane penguins in question.

Thank you for posting this - one of the most simultenously amusing/depressing things I have ever seen!

So sad

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