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Show HN: Learning Go in the Browser with WASM (qvault.io)
9 points by lanecwagner 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

It's pretty misleading that you only see the pricing after signing up. The landing page is all like 'sign up free' and only afterwards you have to pay $20 to do anything at all. And based on clues in the store, I would guess that once completing the course you'd have to fork out some more to get the certification but it doesn't say that anywhere. Not cool.

Skip this.

There's just a "sign up" page, and nothing else.

Only 1 mention of Go on the page, no mention at all of WASM, etc.

This may actually be some kind of scam. ;)

Thanks for all the feedback! I just launched it today, I'll take this into account and offer some free functionality in the app

How about adding some info to the page, to people don't need so "sign up" to see wtf it's about? :)

Also a good call. I'm an engineer and suck at landing pages so it may take a minute to make it look nice ;)

Not sure if this is just a front for testing demand, but agree with others that it feels very scammy. Never seen a paywall AFTER signing up without at least offering some trial.

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