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Taxonomic vandalism and the Raymond Hoser problem (2013) (scientificamerican.com)
21 points by blegh 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

The problem is Wolfgang Wuser. Not Hoser. http://www.smuggled.com/scientific-fraud-wolfgang-wuster.htm

As someone with a background in microbiology, it is really weird that apparently with reptiles a self-published journal counts for taxonomic priority. With microbes, there are only a few places where an accepted taxonomic change can be published and so such "vandalism" isn't possible there.

I'm really curious if Hoser is serious or trolling...at some level this is just a profoundly interesting hack of the baking of oglrganisms. For all the frustration he is creating, the system will be better afterwards...it just won't be from the information he contributed but rather his actions and the response they generate.

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