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Show HN: Approach to simplest mental mapping tool – only keyboard needed (dumpmind.com)
1 point by Koprzywa 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

I always like mind mapping techniques but every tool I found makes me overwhelmed, they need a lot of mouse clicking where I only want to dump my thoughts as fast as possible. One of my first users describes what I mean the best "[other tools] they're just so time consuming. Positioning text boxes... drawing arrows... can't this all be automated? Well, now I know, it can!"

It was made for myself, so it's have some limitations and it's really raw in the current form. It works only on PC, and you have only option to save it as an image.

I'm very interested in what you think about it. Do you like my approach? And should I move on with this?

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