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Why Americans Are Having an Emotional Reaction to Masks (bloomberg.com)
2 points by elsewhen 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

This article leaves much to be desired. It should be titled "Why are Americans Having an Emotional Reaction to Masks?" - it asks a lot of the same questions going on through our minds about American culture and acceptance/protest of complying with public health policy without providing compelling reasons for why this is a uniquely American phenomenon.

For example:

>That is true at least within the context of American culture, admittedly an outlier, both for its paranoia and for its infatuation with popular culture.

Is America an outlier for its paranoia? What is the basis of this claim? Is it more infatuated with its popular culture compared to other countries? I do not know and would love to be convinced either way.

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