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Show HN: Shareable.Theater – A WebRTC theater for watching things together (shareable.theater)
24 points by whytheplatypus 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I really like the idea. Watching stuff together at a distance is great when you can't physically meet up. It would be great to know how this works and the requirements therefore too.

This doesn't work with multicast, does it? I surmise that the bandwidth requirements of the initiator increase linearly with the number of participants, but it would good to put that in the README.

Would also be good to say a word about latency. Will the host (or as they might be known in the project: projector) be 3-5 seconds ahead of the guests?

Thanks for taking a look!

This works by creating a p2p RTCPeerConnection between the host (or projectionist) and each member of the audience. So the p2p aspect is a hub and spoke model. The video is captured either from a local video element if you're sharing a local file, or from some part of the projectionist's screen using `getDisplayMedia`, then streamed over that connection. There is a server that's responsible for the signaling required to create those p2p connections, but it's responsibilities end there.

The only requirements are a reasonably new browser and something you want to watch. I suspect that you're right about bandwidth requirements, however I haven't done the experiments to prove it. In terms of latency I haven't noticed anything significant, but I'm sure that's dependent on the bandwidth of the two parties.

If you're at all interested and willing to help improve the README or any part of the project, a pull request would be very welcome!

This project came out of some friends and I missing watching bad movies together. I'm of the mind that writing software takes practice. So it was a great chance to practice general p2p design and specific WebRTC implementation.

The basic idea is, one person can open a theater and share their screen or load a video file. Then anyone with the audience link can watch along with them.

I hope it lets some people enjoy some movies together!

I'd love any and all feedback / contributions to the code https://github.com/whytheplatypus/shareable.theater!

Have you hit any limitations on what type of media can be played back (resolution, encoding, bitrate, etc)?

We are working on a internal project at work using WebRTC for some non traditional use cases and came across some limitations with large resolution, high bitrate H264 video.

I have seen some odd behavior but I haven't had a chance to identify exactly what is causing the limitations. For example one h264 video played correctly on the projectionists browser but resulting stream had a slightly off aspect ratio. I've also seen audio get lost depending on encoding.

This is great for just sharing a video with my overseas family without uploading it to anywhere

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