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Show HN: CallKite – Your website’s video call center in just one click (callkite.com)
1 point by acoyfellow 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hey HN!

I'd love feedback on the idea, and the main two use cases: sales & support. This system requires no real phone, only a web browser (webrtc p2p video + screen sharing).

I was inspired to build this by a comment with a partner (on another SaaS): "if i have a team i want to scale quickly, they should be focused on 1 thing and 1 thing only"...

They do a lot of online marketing with funnels, and close deals over the phone. They use a mix of sales pages, and close deals over the phone.

So with CallKite their team of sales team can all actively answer questions of potential buyers, right there live on a sales page as if they were over their shoulder or in real life. They can sit down from anywhere with a browser, and just start answering calls.

I have a lot of ideas of where this product could go, but I wanted to get a usable and simple version out the door A.S.A.P. Thanks for checking it out!

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