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Show HN: Open-source (Go) proxy for sensitive data protection: encrypt/tokenize (vaulty.co)
2 points by alovak 16 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Hi HN!

I've built Vaulty (https://vaulty.co) - open source (Go) forward/rewerse proxy that encrypt/pseudonymize/tokenize/mask/hash data between two systems talking HTTP(S):

- browser -> backend API - backend -> API of 3rd party service - backend <-> backend

It transforms specific attributes/fields of JSON/XML/Form transparently for sender and receiver (no code changes needed) based on transformation rules. Using Vaulty you can:

- prevent developers from accessing sensitive customer data - protect sensitive data before it reaches your backend - reduce compliance scope (e.g., PCI DSS) - contain personal information within a country's borders - and just make your systems more secure :D

Here are two cookbooks (demos) to show how Vaulty may be used:

- https://docs.vaulty.co/cookbooks/safe-sensitive-data-import

- https://docs.vaulty.co/cookbooks/email-list-with-protected-e...

I would appreciate your feedback! If you see how you may use Vaulty, let me know! I'll help you with Vaulty adoption.

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