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Startup Offering a Virtual Girlfriend on Facebook (cloudgirlfriend.com)
27 points by dfuhriman on Mar 24, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 33 comments

I feel like if this is at all successful, it's just going to get shut down by Facebook for creating fake users.

Almost certainly. It'll be hilarious while it lasts though. The name alone cracks me up. Unfortunately they've dropped the ball by not having a painfully trendy logo with a cartoon girlfriend sitting on a cloud or something.

They should open source it when it gets banned so the fun can continue.

EDIT: just realised - this is basically a more benign version of that "sockpuppet management" stuff we've been seeing recently. Is this the start of the rise of the bots within human society?

Basshunter's Boten Anna came out in 2006 I think. But yes, the rise of bots on our networks is inevitable. And they do not have to fool everyone all of the time, only some for brief periods of time. On-line communication is already formulaic and does not require a long attention span.

Really, this is just Eliza with a slick new cloud API.

Unless of course they don't violate the ToS and instead have a real person be your 'cloud' girlfriend.

If you mechanical turk out the role of the girl friend to a human using the same sort of technology that lets a chicken play tic-tac-toe [1] then presumably you can finesse the ToS.

Next we'll see a new startup for providing plausible deniability for ToS violations, basically you send someone a device with the instructions "When this light goes on push the button, if you keep your average response time under 5 minutes for the month we'll pay you $10."

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-12N3kVh3Q

right. this is a direct TOS violation, right?

If your monthly fee / microtransaction payment is declined, be prepared for a nasty breakup.

I think this is the first time I've ever seen a story on HN and wished it was on Slashdot for the comments.

Virtual social proof. An ePivot. Pre-selection DHV as a service. I love it.

This is clearly the value here.. not the interaction itself, but the social status of having some hot babe liking all your status updates.

to the extent that after some time you may start believing in her existence. Human mind can do wonders ... to itself.

...and well beyond that extent. Social proof is a NOP sled for escalating sexual privileges in another mind, too.

wrt. self-escalating feedback cycle i liked this experiment


I'm willing to bet that a lot of you are only upset because you didn't have the idea first ;<)

I'm pretty sure this takes outsourcing a step or two too far.

Personally, I'm hoping it's some kind of social experiment, and they're going to come out with some OKCupid-style expository blog posts in a few months.

(If anyone's seriously considering this, do ask yourself if it's really going to make you happy ...)

The idea that you would actually want this for the social interaction never occurred to me. My first reaction was that this was the next generation of

  1) "I have a girlfriend!"
  2) "Great! Can I meet her?"
  3) "Uh no, she lives far away"
  4) "Oh. Then how did you meet?"
  5) "Um, summer camp?"
  6) "Suuurrrre."
Edit: I still don't understand HN's line break formatting.

Edit 2: Thanks

At the bottom of every page there's a link to the FAQ: http://ycombinator.com/newsfaq.html

That has the question: "What kind of formatting can you use in comments?" followed by this link:


That says:

  Blank lines separate paragraphs.

  Text after a blank line that is indented by
  two or more spaces is reproduced verbatim.
  (This is intended for code.)

  Text surrounded by asterisks is italicized,
  if the character after the first asterisk isn't

  Urls become links, except in the text field
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Does that answer your question? You get a line break by leaving a blank line.

Only 8 more days till April 1st

Great, now when I see those insipid Microsoft ("To the cloud!") commercials, I'll envision some lonely guy with a bottle of lotion, logging into Facebook.

My perfect girlfriend can solve the P vs NP problem.

To make it especially realistic, they could offer a physical address to which you could send gifts. As an add-cost feature.

Talk about solving a burning market need..

if they can pull it off (terms of service violations and what not) this will be brilliant, it is just a viral bomb ready to go off the things that can happen. I see chat roulette like kind of infamy very quickly.

It's just the next logical step!

First SaaS then PaaS and now RaaS: Relationship as a Service

Good plug for launchrock - this should get some visibility, surely.

Ya, I can't reveal numbers, but they're blowing up.

cloudboyfriend.com suspiciously absent. market opportunity, anyone?


can this tide you over until that gets implemented?

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned sockpuppeting? :-)

i'd take a virtual boyfriend as long as he can deliver

it seems there is really dry season in your geography to trigger you to make your first comment on HN :).

do i get points for that? ;)

at least i gave my point for that reason :)

it won't work

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