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Show HN: Boreddit.com – View Top Reddit Posts from Past Years by Subreddit (boreddit.com)
8 points by YellowSnowball 16 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Sorry, the UI might not be the most intuitive or friendly.

As an example, here's the link to the top upvoted r/videos videos from all of 2012, click on the embed checkbox up top to have all the youtube videos embedded in the page for easier browsing: https://boreddit.com/t/videos/2012/

Hope people can take a look and share their honest opinions about the website!

This is interesting. My friend built this - https://arbazsiddiqui.github.io/rSlashVideos/ which curates videos from a subreddit and sort by top, new, etc.

It's fascinating to see so many cool projects built over reddit.

cool stuff when you get bored of "real time" reddit. Did you use reddit API in the background?

Thanks! I Used the PushShift API for my data.

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