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Show HN: Real-time uptime monitor of Let's Encrypt (keychest.net)
5 points by enigmabridge 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

We have now improved the speed of loading and extraction of downtimes.

No - there wasn't bug in our code on Thu morning and the wall didn't deserve the words. It was an actual downtime that we detected 11 minutes before Let's Encrypt.

Just to clarify - it doesn't monitor your certs. It actually measures the performance of the Let's Encrypt CA.

We purchased 400 domain names to get round rate limits so we can request 80,000 certs / week and measure the uptime and latency.

I‘m wonderhing how much sense it makes to penetrate a service that‘s for free with 80k certificate requests just to check whether it‘s up... I mean, isn‘t there an official status page for Let‘s Encrypt?

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