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Show HN: Abridge – Cloud Visibility (abridge.io)
2 points by chair6 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I've been building and using https://abridge.io/ for a while now, and it's getting to the point where it is hopefully useful to others. It essentially aggregates information about AWS deployments across multiple accounts and regions into a single visualization / inventory / search interface.

Security is of course a concern - I address that in more detail at https://abridge.io/security/ but the two main parts - 1) collect data from AWS accounts via read-only cross-role access (AWS-managed SecurityAudit policy) and 2) throw all that data away every 48 hours (S3 object expiration).

It still has rough edges, but I'd greatly appreciate a) any feedback on site/content and b) signups from folks who might be interested in testing it out...

It's refreshing to see the page focused on security and your approach/philosophy: https://abridge.io/security/

Did you proactively add that or have customers requested it?

Thanks! It's nice to get that feedback.

It's proactive, but I've been working in various security-oriented IT roles for ~15 years now, and I'm trying to take my own advice [1], so I'd hope I can do it justice. :)

[1] https://chair6.net/startups-and-security-questionnaires.html

Good stuff, thanks for the link!

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