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Show HN: Relanote – a note-taking tool to help you connect the dots (relanote.com)
9 points by promotino 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

There are so many tools like this popping up, I just wish the creators in this space realized the gap in local implementation. I've worked on numerous teams that would benefit from this type of simplified knowledge management and linking, but having it all stored on someone else's server is a hard pass for the security teams I've been on.

100% this.

Clean design, I like it.

One thing, I got stuck on the sign up because my password was too long I think. But I didn't get an error message.

When using the dark mode, the constrast is really heavy. I would brighten the background a bit and desaturate the text colors.

Very sleek design - I like it very much.

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