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Show HN: Hipsterfy – see Spotify artists you and your friends both follow (hipsterfy.com)
1 point by ilikebits 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Hi HN! I made this as a side project to get better at Haskell and Kubernetes.

This came out of a funny dinner conversation with some friends talking about discussing favorite musicians. Someone proposed that the musicians most likely to be spark interesting conversation were those that were unpopular enough to be "cool", but popular enough that someone else could have feasibly heard about them, and suggested that musicians with ~1M monthly listener count were the sweet spot. (Empirically, I think that's about 5-10x too high.)

Anyway, this tool should help you figure out which musicians make for interesting conversation. If you'd like to compare against me, my friend code is "uIrtZpcNPUZpikRlAVPg".

I like the idea, unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be working. The “Artists you follow” list never seems to populate even after multiple refreshes.

Hmm, is this still happening for you? Looking at the database, it looks like your artists should be populated.

Sometimes it takes a minute or two to load artists - Spotify's API rate-limits pretty aggressively.

I totally forgot about this and just checked again today. The list is populated now, so maybe I just wasn't patient enough when I originally tried.

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