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Show HN: FI Calc – an early retirement calculator for engineers (ficalc.app)
8 points by jamesplease 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Nice design and great idea but I got lost and did not succeed to build up a successful strategy

Bummer! There are two main levers: increasing your portfolio value or decreasing your spending. If you do one of those two things I'm sure you'll be able to create something that feels successful.

Why are you specifically advertising this as "for engineers"?

Two reasons:

1. engineers are disproportionately represented in the early retirement community, so in a way any FIRE resource could be considered "for engineers". ...maybe? Do you buy that? No? Yeah I get it.

2. a couple of weeks back, an early retirement blog that had nothing to do with engineering landed on the front page having also advertised itself as "for engineers." It seemed like an ingenious marketing strategy so I decided to try it out. It didn't work out so well for this app, though. So it goes.

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