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Show HN: CodeStream in-IDE Code Review and workflow tool (codestream.com)
14 points by ppezaris 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

author here.

CodeStream aims to simplify and amplify your code review process with the following changes:

  - all in-ide
  - open source
  - cloud or on-prem
  - supports vscode, vs, atom, jetbrains (more soon)
  - end-to-end workflow tool
    - grab a ticket from trello/jira/etc. and it'll create a branch for you
    - while you're editing, comment on code without having to copy/paste to slack/etc.
    - get feedback on a wip with press of a key (codestream packages diffs for you)
    - teammates request changes? amend your review
    - when you're ready, create a pr on github, gitlab, bitbucket, and merge.
any feedback appreciated.

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