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Though I like what their doing from the perspective of trying to find a filter for which friends you're most often physically around, you point to what I think might be a big flaw.

Not only are people in the immediate vicinity less likely to need/want to view a copy of your photo, but will they take out their phone and launch the app to do that?

I can see wanting to see the photos you took when we were together, but I don't think I want to see them at the time the photo was taken, rather I'd want to see them at a later time.

I'm sure the photo aspect was just a foot-in-the-door thing to get them known and work out some of the more impressive tech on the back-end. I fully expect an api to your elastic network in the near future.

The premise is that we will be so busy looking at all these cool mobile apps on our phones that we do not even see what is going around us. The only way to find that out is using Colors!

Ha! The UI is so bad that you will spend the entire event trying to figure it out – missing the entire event. Then you HAVE to use Color to see what the hell happened.

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