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Show HN: A distributed workflow runner with focus on performance and simplicity (github.com)
5 points by fristonio 18 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Xene comes with a beta UI to test out current features and play with the ecosystem. You can know more about the UI here - https://github.com/fristonio/xene-ui.

Hi, is this similar to the Argo project? Is a scheduler included?

Hey @Lucasoato, Yeah, the idea behind the two projects is quite similar. But while Argo is Kubernetes native, Xene is a generic distributed workflow runner tool built on top of K8S primitives and is not dependent on K8S. This helps xene to be performant but at the same time makes it simple to develop and use. Yeah, xene comes with an inbuilt Scheduler. The scheduler is quite simple at this point and various scheduling strategies are yet to be implemented for xene.

Hope this answers your question, let me know if you have any other doubts regarding Xene.

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