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How, why and when would I want to do this?

I don't understand it from neither a sharer, or a browsers perspective.

From a browser's perspective, I look forward to use it to find "interesting" things - maybe even something that's breaking. Ideally something I would otherwise not have known about. This might be contingent of the demographic of the people who actually bother to snap the photos, though.

Although it might be hard on the battery, getting a push notification whenever I approached a hub of activity would also be very intriguing. (As long as it isn't the shirtless greeter at Abercrombie & Fitch.)

I've lived in the same country all my life, and I still discover new, interesting things in it.

(On another note, people who snap photos in restaurants should be punched in the face.)

It's like Facebook for the people you spend time with without adding as friends; Foursquare for people that aren't motivated to deliberately broadcast their whereabouts; Grindr for people in your area not looking to hook up.

The underlying technology sounds like it could be useful for everyone from Facebook to the FBI, but the service itself has more buzzwords than users in my area, and I don't see too many reasons why that state of affairs should change dramatically...

How many times has anyone sat and looked at photos on Flickr, and used geocodes to restrict results to the local area?

Answer: probably not enough to warrant a $41m investment.

or just used android google maps with buzz etc...

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