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Creepiest part- "it uses the camera to check for lighting conditions, and even uses the phone’s microphone to ‘listen’ to the ambient surroundings."

The auto-social network based on proximity is awesome, though. I can't wait for this and the creep factor will be gone in five years anyway since we are all moving to a more open society.

What in the world does a picture app need to use my mic for?

There have been some research projects which can use snapshots of the lighting and sound around you to tell which building you are located in with 90% accuracy. I.E. they can tell you are in the Starbucks and not the hardware store next door. See "SurroundSense: Mobile Phone Localization via Ambience Fingerprinting" in the proceedings of Mobicom 2009.

Not sure why you would have been down-voted for that question.

In theory, If you've got multiple people taking photos at the same place with a short period of time, you can get sound media as well.

Though some may suspect they are trying to put together conversations, I doubt that is the case (but maybe if you want to go for a conspiracy theory).

-------------update apparently they are capturing your conversations --------------------

from their homepage "capture photos, videos, and conversations into a group album".

Creepy indeed. I wonder if it has a backdoor to ECHELON.

Echelon is Facebook, Twitter, and Color. :)

"The app Josef Stalin would have used..."

In Soviet Russia, Color sees you?

Batman would be proud

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