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hammock 1120 days ago | link | parent

Creepiest part- "it uses the camera to check for lighting conditions, and even uses the phone’s microphone to ‘listen’ to the ambient surroundings."

The auto-social network based on proximity is awesome, though. I can't wait for this and the creep factor will be gone in five years anyway since we are all moving to a more open society.

melvinmt 1120 days ago | link

Creepy indeed. I wonder if it has a backdoor to ECHELON.


kmfrk 1120 days ago | link

Echelon is Facebook, Twitter, and Color. :)


brown9-2 1120 days ago | link

What in the world does a picture app need to use my mic for?


jacoblyles 1119 days ago | link

There have been some research projects which can use snapshots of the lighting and sound around you to tell which building you are located in with 90% accuracy. I.E. they can tell you are in the Starbucks and not the hardware store next door. See "SurroundSense: Mobile Phone Localization via Ambience Fingerprinting" in the proceedings of Mobicom 2009.


pedalpete 1120 days ago | link

Not sure why you would have been down-voted for that question.

In theory, If you've got multiple people taking photos at the same place with a short period of time, you can get sound media as well.

Though some may suspect they are trying to put together conversations, I doubt that is the case (but maybe if you want to go for a conspiracy theory).

-------------update apparently they are capturing your conversations --------------------

from their homepage "capture photos, videos, and conversations into a group album".


kongqiu 1119 days ago | link

"The app Josef Stalin would have used..."


ImperatorLunae 1119 days ago | link

In Soviet Russia, Color sees you?


graceyang 1119 days ago | link

Batman would be proud


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