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I'm curious how a proximity-based social network is going to keep from placing me closer to my upstairs neighbor than, say, my brother on the other coast.

I'm curious as to why Facebook won't just add a "photos your friends have taken around this place" feature and make these guys a distant memory

I think from Color's perspective, that's the idea -- only figuring that "adding" implies an acquisition.

Actually, I guess it would depend on whether market validation is worth $10m -- which I doubt, because it's just a feature to them, not a whole product. Also, that's what interns are for, right?

I'm pretty sure that Color also takes interaction within the application into account (i.e. if you frequently comment on a user's photos, view their stream, etc., then it also boosts your social connection).

I agree, it's an interesting problem.

Thinking about it maybe there's a kind of bathtub curve of photos that I'm interested in

- I'm highly interested in photos around me and of close friends

- I don't really care about photos of acquaintances and people I went to school with but haven't seen in years, etc,

-I'm highly interested in photos of people I am close to but that live far away.

Yeah, or the idiot in the cube next to me that I spend 10 hours a day with.

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