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If only there was a "Feature preview" option where you could ask users and the community what they think about design changes before they go live. Oh wait you have that. You just rolled it out for a couple of weeks basically to see if there were any showstopper bugs before you went live.

I don't expect companies to take on my feedback. I do expect them not to treat it like it's a joke.

To follow on, many of us felt this was rushed through and that our feedback was not heard. You can sense the frustration in the parent to this comment.

You destroyed much of the trust I had. Will you roll this back and reconsider after talking more of your user base?

Agreed, I gave feedback but no use. I am not wasting my time when they’re not going to even bother listening to my feedback. I am out of the previews, not doing your QA for free.

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