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  "But how exactly is Color going to make “wheelbarrows of
  cash”... the company is still very early on, but it 
  eventually plans to offer businesses a self-serve platform
  for running deals and ads
$41 Million for a photo sharing app and this is the best they came up with? You gotta be kidding me.

I'm guessing when the user takes a picture of yourself near a logo/brand, it automatically offer deals/ads based on the fancy proximity guessing thing. The company seems to be trying to build up eyeballs at this stage.

The high price tag mean they have several patents + trusting investors + solid plan, etc. It's similar to Facebook (Zuckerberg has patents of his own I believe).

Here is some tinfoil for you...

Assuming they have a back-door API - this could be a freaking BOON for intelligence gathering arms that are seeking to know the surrounds of anti establishment types.

Further - wait until you apply spatial modeling capabilities (what was that MS tech demo called?) where you can start building 3d navigable models of spaces that all the data collected in that 100' radius allows.

Dont think the military is doing CRAZY things with optical intel:

"The system can also be used for general night vision; it can follow bats five miles away in darkness."


the military now has autonomous robotic helicopters that can visually track bullets in flight.


Now they just need the general public to be a part of the larger sensor intel fabric.

Cool but take a look at the links that I posted which are years old. The fact is that there are amazing technologies employed in certain military and defense research projects that when coupled with todays consumer internet applications have unbelievable capabilities... As a former employee of Lockheed - I can assure you I am not the only person who believes this...

None of the anti establishment types I know are stupid enough to use this. They dont even have smartphones, for the same reasons.

As long as enough people around them use smart phones, it doesn't matter.

I think the "MS tech demo" that you are referring to is Photosynth: http://photosynth.net/

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