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Show HN: Slingcode live-reloading web IDE to make, run, and share web apps P2P (slingcode.net)
76 points by chr15m 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

The author also added this blog post explaining the reasoning behind it. Worth a read: https://mccormick.cx/news/entries/slingcode-personal-computi...

So am I right in thinking that this is for browser only apps, as it doesn't include a server? At Yazz Pilot we made the ability to output apps as a HTML file, but to have the whole dev environment client side is pretty amazing!

Thank you for checking out the project. That's correct it's for browser only apps with no back end. Browsers are now capable of doing so much of what you want from an app.

My guess is there is a large class of users for whom client side apps are good enough for the job they're doing. Some of the use-cases where Excel is used today for example, and video games too, which are often self contained. Clay Shirkey's "situated software" article explains these ideas very well.

Even data storage and sync is possible fully client side using WebRTC peer-to-peer tech.

The "problem" with these systems is sharing changes - if I change the system you share with me for myself, it's really hard for someone to use those changes along with other changes. Integrating changes together involves handling merge conflicts in code we don't necessarily understand.

I think separating the data the system operates on from a series of smaller systems is the key here.

Yes, that is a problem. It is one which is solved by git and other version control software. If you are building something with an online editor like Slingcode and you get to the point where change management becomes an issue then it is probably time to switch to a more comprehensive development environment.

Excellent work! I am happy for you, this is really cool.

Take a look at posts, blogs and videos by Joe Armstrong, one of the inventors of Erlang. Some things that stand out are "immutable code" and globally accessible code.

The other one is the research around CRDTs.


Is there a github link for the source? I see it's under MIT License.

The github repo is here https://github.com/chr15m/slingcode

That reminds me how simple it was to start programming with QBasic. The slingcode video on its website is well done, explains how it works why it’s great in a few minutes. Love it.

I love all this P2P software being built, but it seems like if your peer to peer is just static html and friends. You are as much P2P as github pages.

No, they use WebTorrent

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