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Show HN: VPN with automatic region routing, port-forwarding and custom filtering (oeck.com)
22 points by Oeck 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Hi everyone,

We recently launched our VPN into a free, open beta and so far have had good feedback. We wanted to show HN our VPN and see if we could get some feedback from the community.

Our VPN works differently to other VPN services, in that we have implemented automatic region routing for select services. Added to this, we have made our port-forwarding work in a manner that whichever server you connect to, it is always reachable by an automated domain. We have also added the ability for users to create custom DNS block lists as well as use our built-in filtration.

We would love to hear feedback for those who decide to give it a go. Please note, it is still in beta and we are ironing out bugs. So if you do find a bug, please report it to us.

Regards, Peter @ Oeck.

Well, my first feedback is that the home page takes an astonishing 2 minutes 15 seconds to load, and when it does generates console errors from a blocked script (matamo.js) every few seconds. I'd look into that.

Hi sho,

Yes, this is embarrassing...

We found the issue, it is a setting in Apache. This is due to the torrent of traffic we just received. We were not expecting it, but there it is. We are fixing the cause now and everything should be back up and running very soon.

It is actually good it happened during Beta. That's a "bug" that we can now fix.

EDIT: Fixed. If you get some time, please try the service and let us know what you think so far.

Regards, Peter @ Oeck.

For some reason the text fades in, then disappears. You seem to have a js error.

Hi xori,

Can you please provide more information. One which page is this happening, which browser and OS are you using?

Regards, Peter @ Oeck.

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